Our team is more than 6 years in this field and our mission is to exceed your expectations. Well-cleaned houses and satisfied clients are of greatest importance for us.We pay special attention towards each of our clients.   

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The Perfect Location

We are always available to reach your property. Our location is easily found and your can contact us whenever you want. 

Our Teams

Ivanka Nikolova


Ivanka  Nikolova  team is very hard-working and friendly. They will make the dreamed cleaning and their work is of highest quality. For them of most importance is the well done job and pleased clients.

Ivan Siparevski


Ivan Siparevski’s team has been in the cleaning field for more than 5 years. They will always be available to make your house the cleanest of all in your area. This team is highly recommended from our clients. 

Take a Closer Look

Choice of a cleaning company in London.

If you are new to the area and have never resorted to professional cleaning in London, we would like to briefly explain what you can expect from such a offer. In general, the TrustCleaning Team offers complete, or detailed, precise cleaning. In other words, you can claim complete sanitation of your home, and you can only pay for a partial service – for a particular room: sanitary premises, kitchen and so on or for a particular item ; windows, mattresses, carpets and an oven, for example. Contact us and we’ll let you know everything related to the professional cleaning of your home. Purity is important both for your daily comfort and comfort in your home, as well as for your health.  Maintaining home comfort and hygiene is often annoying, it takes a lot of otherwise valuable time. So we suggest that you leave this part to us and we take care of your home the best way. We have specially trained cleaners  with years of experience and qualification in End of Tenancy Cleaning, Deep House Cleaning and Domestic’s Cleaning. In your home we carry out any cleaning service you want, machine and hand, and with attention to every object and detail. We use individual as desired.

Our mission is your happiness.

Our Mission is your Happiness.

The most important thing for us is satisfied customers. For this purpose, our cleaners approach every property with professionalism according to the high standards of our company

For us,  it is very important for our customers to use our services to get a high level of service. For this purpose our cleaners are professionally trained. They go through periodic trainings to meet the latest standards in professional cleaning. We know that in order to be one of the best in this field, we must constantly train and improve our knowledge and skills. In this way, we can provide a truly quality service to our customers. We want to offer you the best cleaning of your property. We also use professional equipment and professional preparations. You can trust our professional cleaners and be sure to respond to your wishes and requirements on how to clean your property. Professional cleaning – once or on a daily basis, daily and periodically, as well as other professional cleaning services for private or large corporate premises. Our employees are meticulous and diligent in their work. Our mission is that our mission is to shine from purity. Our goal is the stable relationship of trust between our customers and our employees. The excellent quality of cleaning services and good attitude have always been a priority and a successful goal over the years. And the pleasure of purity is mutual. Whether you need a post-paid or one-off professional cleaning, we can offer a solution to meet your every need in this direction. contact us to discuss your cleaning. We offer more than home cleaning – a whole new experience for you and your home. That’s why everyone in the company has the same goal – to provide first-rate, professional services at bargain prices. With our professional services, you save on your precious time, which you can use for more important things than maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

We know that every client is important and we have to deal with each individual’s needs individually. Because we know that the satisfied customer leads many more customers and when they are happy our business will be developing and sustainable. For us, it is important that our clients are satisfied with our work and re-use our services. Therefore, in every cleaning, the niche professional cleaners put their best in order to meet the high demands of our company and our customers. That’s why in every cleaning we put everything on our own and we have a standard of work that meets the best companies in the industry. We are ready to visit you at the most convenient time for you to take care of the professional cleaning of your premises, meeting all the criteria because our mission is the brilliant object. You can trust our teams of highly trained professionals who use only professional machines and preparations. They are trained and working only with professional equipment and products for the best efficiency. After the consultation, we will offer you a special professional cleaning package that meets the needs of the site. We look forward to contacting us. We work with highly trained and highly qualified staff. We use state-of-the-art professional equipment and environmental products of world-renowned companies. Being what we are right now is due to our satisfied customers. Our cleaning company has grown in many aspects thanks to you. Our corporate clients can be assured that they will receive quality cleaning of their offices and business buildings because the experienced employees of our company have modern equipment, effective and safe preparations

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